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Your wardrobe is part of living your best life, imagine opening it and staring into your world of fabulous pieces. You don’t have to have a closet as big as the size of a room, all you need to do is fill up your closet with meaningful pieces. For work, its even more important to be able to select the right corporate outfits.

With good reason we are choosing to crush on Zainab Balogun’s work outfit style. Zainab has been a glamorous site for a while now, but we’ve waited this long because we wanted to compile her approved looks for work.

There’s no taking a step back or a break when it comes to your work looks, the simple fact that as an employee or employer you are representing the business is motivation enough. When people see you they see the business and thus the need to look good is a necessity.

Zainab Balogun’s look is not phenomenal but it is classic and chic. Her corporate outfit is one that’s poised and well defined and so you know you are in for a barrage of class and style;

Here’s some of  her looks that we absolutely love;


Hello World


Matching pieces



Flare pants


Polka dot

From taking a look at this style gallery you can already see that her style is both versatile and chic, every outfit was neatly paired to give off a stylish finish. Thanks to her we’ll be styling our work outfits a lot better this week…

Be inspired!!!

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