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I’ve spilled water on my laptop and I’ve seen this happen a lot of times the first thing that happens is the panic mode, and this takes over because we don’t have any idea on what to do. Yup you can clearly see it going into your mother board and all you think of is your storage, your entire life is in the computer. So rather than panic here’s what you should do immediately;


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  1. Unplug power source, this would reduce the electrical damage, if you can take out the battery, do so immediately if not shut down directly.
  2. Turn your laptop upside down immediately, this would make sure the liquid stays out not in, so that means you can protect your motherboard.
  3. Get a handkerchief or soft cloth to start dabbing (note dab not press) the liquid off the keyboard. You can shake your laptop gently to get more water off.
  4. Leave the laptop to air dry, note that using hair dryers would send dirt and  dust down to a now-sticky environment. So its better off to wait 24-48 hrs and once you are really sure your laptop is dry power it on. You should be good to got.

Tips like this is very necessary because you never know when such mistake can happen t you or someone near you, Read each tip again and memorize it.

Are there any other ways you’ve used to get water off your laptop? Share this tips with us in the comment box below.

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