The realm of fashion is like a maze, there is never one way to reach elegance and that’s because there are so many types of personalities. Our personalities have a way of affecting the way we dress and that’s what we are looking into today. How do you dress your personality using the Ankara style. In reality, its not as though as you would expect it to be. No matter our personality, your Ankara style can still look fashion forward.

Keep reading to see a guide on how to wear Ankara according to your personality…

If you are into architecture then you would love this textured piece. The structure of this Ankara style is completely unique and it’s super classy.


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You could ride on this look, there’s no drama just a simple but fabulous mixed print playsuit for the girl that’s always confident in her skin.


If you are more into edgy and dramatic looks then this look is for you, the mid-riff cutout is balanced beautifully with the sparkling embellished embroidery.


This gorgeous puff sleeve wrap shirt is paired with a long sleeve body-con dress. This idea is for women who believe in projecting their super quirky side.


It’s all about showing off- women with a flamboyant spirit would find this look very attractive because its all about the glitz and the blings.


There are those women who like to keep their looks classy. This Ankara style is definitely the right choice for such women.


The women who are risk takers, the one’s who have a knack for pulling off the most compact styles would find this look very attractive.


Like we said, you can only look fashion forward in these Ankara styles, why? Because they are united in their indifference, this means everyone can be inspired by them.

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