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We love traditional weddings, with their vibrant colours, rich food, playful banter and more, what’s not to like? We’re sure you will agree with us when we say it’s definitely time for another article on Yoruba Traditional Wedding as despite the developments in the modern world and the technological advancements that we have, very few things has  changed over the large span of years in the way that marriage was celebrated in indigenous Yoruba land and marriage as it is celebrated now.

As residents of Lagos, we’ve most certainly attended our fair share of Yoruba Engagements (as it is fondly called), they are beautiful symbolic occasions that mark the official engagement between a couple. The entire event usually plays out like a well rehearsed play with two narrators representing both families, the ‘Alaga Ijoko’ (the sitting MC) for the brides family and the ‘Alaga Iduro’ (the standing MC) for the grooms family.

The Yoruba traditional marriage ceremony is a serious affair which is full of playfulness, rich contemporary Nigerian music, graceful colors, and sumptuous meals. They are occasions to show best outfits, handbags, jewelry, and even dancing styles. It is also seen as an occasion for family members to reunite and catch-up on current happenings. They also find old friends and acquaintances. It is a fun filled and meticulously planned period that announces to the world the union of their loved ones.

Aso oke is one of the major attire for Yoruba traditional wedding as the bride is usually styled in Iro and Buba while the groom in Dansiki or Agbada. You would agree with me that Yoruba weddings are usually colourful as Yoruba’s are lovers of colours. In honor of the colourful Yoruba traditional weddings, here are some lovely photos of Yoruba traditional couples…


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