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Today is Thursday and I think it’s a special day to share with you a food recipe that you definitely won’t find anywhere. Food and lifestyle blogger Sisi Yemmie shared how to prepare Yamย & Beans Pottage and we are really loving it. Like she says you can give your baby assurance with this meal- they would know you luuuuurrrrvvv ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– them.


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What You’ll Need

Blended Tomato & Pepper

Large Smoked Prawns
Sliced Tatashe
Oziza Seeds
Smoked Fish
Ugwu and Uziza
Diced Beef
Seasoning Cubes
Vegetable Oil

How To Proceed…

Yam & Beans pottage

Pre-cook beans and separate into a clean bowl.

Pre-cook your Pomo to keep it tasty-also dice into small bits.

Pre-cook your fresh tomato, pepper and onion and keep to the side.

In a pot; add water salt and crayfish along with the yam. Cover and let it simmer.

When the yam is almost ready pour the pre-cooked beans into the pot and add seasoning cube.

In another clean pan, add some vegetable oil and then add some sliced onions and stir well together.

Pour the beef in the pan and some salt and stir fry till it brown, take out the beef and pour the sliced Tatashe into the pan along with the crayfish and then stir.

Then add the tomato paste and the smoked crayfish and the pomo.

Add seasoning cube and allow the stew to fry down.

Add the sir fry beef, the crayfish, oziza seeds, smoked fish and stir.

Transfer everything into the pot with the beans and yam and stir adding a bit of salt and cover the pot to simmer

After a couple of minutes add the vegetables, stir, turn off the stove and allow to simmer for 1 minutes before serving.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below…

Poured In Pot

Mixed Sauce

Source: YouTube | SisiYemmieTV

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