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So a few days ago comedian Babafunky got married to his now wife Nelly in the most unique outfit, he and his best man both wore shorts in the oddest wedding colors yet “Blue and Pink”. Now his lovely wife wore a red ballon ball gown, something like a disney princess themed wedding dress, she looked washed in the dress, don’t get me wrong her face was gorgeous but if you check closely she looked like the gown was too heavy on her. Now as I looked at the photo’s I wondered who in their right mind would want to wear shorts at their wedding but well this is just me asking because I am of the opinion that you get married once, not these days with the way things are going but still you would want to look back and marvel at your wedding photos and not be appalled by what you see. So some might say well after 10 years they can renew their vows and then get another look but the truth is the spark of the first wedding is different so a renewal vow won’t hold the same effect. Well I guess being the comedian that he is he wanted something unique and rare on his wedding day but is that the right day to do something rare? Check out the pictures of his wedding day.


Baba funky and Train

Hello World



With Nelly


Fairy tale Cake


Now am throwing the question out there would you wear this to your wedding? And I need really honest answers.

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