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Hi Guys,

So yesterday after work i and a couple of colleagues decided to hang out, yeah i know, its not even Friday but we chilled like that do not worry, lol. After many conversations and debates one came up that led to a lot of uproar and controversy. A colleague complained of how he told his girl friend to wash for him and she refused saying he would not do same so why should she, he was pained as he explained that its normal for the girlfriend to wash her boyfriends clothes but highly WRONG for a boyfriend to do same. Notice how i put wrong in caps yeah that was how strongly he expressed it. This led to a lot of controversy as other people around us joined in the conversation, a lady went ahead to say that the day she told her boyfriend to wash for her due to her being ill,he got so angry and told her she had no home training and this led to their eventual breakup

A guy explained that he can never wash for his girlfriend even if she was sick, he would rather get a laundry man than do it himself, i went on to ask if his girlfriend washes for him and he said yes, some ladies also expressed how they would not wash for their boyfriends until he has married them. This debate led me to bringing it up here

So people would you wash your boyfriend or girlfriends clothes? Share your opinions in the comment box

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