Would You Stop Wearing MakeUp For Your Hubby?


I was jejelly on my own at work when this mail titled “He wants me to stop makeup”  hit our inbox. Before I even opened the mail to see its content I could tell the content of the mail .To a large extent I was right(don’t worry I would still share the email with you guys as requested by the sender). Coincidentally, this is the same issue that me and some of my colleagues at work have been discussing.  Girls, lets not fool ourselves, who exactly are you wearing that black up make up for? . I decided to take a random poll at the office to ask both guys and girls. O boy…you guys need to see the controversy and debate it created (e pass ministerial debate between APC and PDP senators).


Hello World

Let us imagine that you go with the fact that you can stop make  up for hubby, then hubby comes home and says you should stop makeup,would you lay down the brush the next day? knowing fully well that the makeup makes you feel good and confident but wait oo,make i shift focus small

I  really find it hard to understand how you meet someone tall and expect the person to become short after marriage, this has been an issue in many marriages, you know she wears trousers before you married her then you want her to stop wearing trousers after she married you, because you feel it is no longer good, i mean if you know you do not like women on trousers why didn’t you go for the SU sisters, didn’t you see them around you or you felt they were not chic enough?

So you know he drinks and smokes then you get married and expect him to stop it, is it that you didn’t like that part and thought you could endure or is it a function of faith that the change power Nigeria craved during the elections would be evident in your marriage? In-case you have not noticed Nigeria is same no change what so ever, we are still same as political party do not change the politician so does marriage  not change the individual. So my question is why try change the person? if you were not ok with the persons attitude of choice of behavior why go through with a marriage why try to manage what you cant live with.  Ignore my ranting biko was just getting personal there

So back to this would you let your hubby tell you to stop the make up artistry and wonders, especially when you good and you got all the full kit and brushes, if hubby wants to pay off all the money used to get this e no go bad sha, as the money fit reach buy car ooo.

See below the exact email we got from our reader:

Since my hubby and I got married he stopped me from wearing makeup, he said it dosent look good on me most especially lipstick he said he dosent like it at all, he forbids me from wearing any form of makeup apart from white powder, his family members (sisters n mum cos his an only son) has complained about it but he said that is what he wants, he doesn’t complain about my clothing infact he loves trousers so much and buys them for me his only problem is my wearing makeup.
Over 5yrs I have not been wearing it even though I love it but because he said so I stopped about 2months ago I saw his comment on Facebook to one of his female friends (not intimate, just a family friend) dat she looks good on her makeup (I tagged it her makeup cos d photo was a headshot ), I got angry and confronted him he laughed about it and said he dosent mean it, trust me woman I capitalized on it n during that period I went to d market bought a makeup kit nd started wearing makeup again, since then, over 1mnth he did not say anything just 3dayz back he has started again. am confused
I really dont know what his problem is, Is it that he is jealous or he dosent want people to look at me I really don’t understand him, besides he doesn’t like me wearing it but he admires others wearing it, and besides, d few days I started wearing it I kinda feel confident n again.
My hussy is a nice n good man, has had never failed his duty as a husband, loving nd caring but this issue is giving me headace cos I love wearing makeup,
Pls mamas n papas I need ur advice, criticism is allowed. Lolz…”


Dear Sister,

In this issue there are several angles to consider

1) It could be that you do not apply the make-up in a right way, that is the make up kind of looks funny on you but due to the fact that he does not know how to express this to you, he goes ‘no makeup’.

2)It could also be that he has never really liked make up and the picture he liked on facebook was for liking sake or just to keep up a conversation and make her happy, there are people who praise others even when they are doing what they are not even cool with or happy with, they just praise them to get things going.

3)It could also be that he is actually jealous and is having a level of insecurity about you on make up, it is possible that the make up makes you look exceptional and he wants you all to himself and is scared of you getting distractions.

In all of this situations you can always talk to him and find out what the real reason, express yourself about how you feel great when you on make up, how you have a higher level of self worth. You both can come to a meeting point. though stopping make up would not kill you, you know you can both work out something?

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