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Hey Awesome People,

You have been in a relationship for a while, and its time to meet the “in-laws”, you start to panic for what to wear,what to say, what to do but you never prepare for some awkward things that they bring your way. Imagine a friend of mind who went to her “mother in-laws” house, she was welcomed and after a while bae mum, says she needs to do some kitchen clean ups this she did with no questioning, when she finished mother in-law comes out with a mighty pile of clothes, pile like clothes that’s not been washed in months and even some undies and tells her to start washing, baffled and confused at the pile of dirty clothes and the unexpected chore, she declined respectfully. Of cos this did not go down well with mother in-law who felt she should have done the laundry and even do more house chores.

This does not only apply to mother in-laws as a guy also shared his experience of having gone to see baes’ dad and he told him to change car tires when he was done with the tires, he was given cutlass to cut grass, am like what da fvck, lol. Many people have in many cases complained of how the ‘in-laws’ have brought up one awkward chore or the other, all in the name of testing them. Please when excatly does it become too much, when does it turn from being a test to being a sort of abuse.

So people please hit the poll and comment section what do you think of awkward chores from in laws?

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