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Wedding ceremonies no doubt, tend to re-unite most families and friends. It’s at weddings you get to meet those siblings you’ve not seen in a long while.

Most traditional marriages are actually very intriguing; you get to admire the beautiful culture of the various ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Well, if you have attended a marriage ceremony in Northern Nigeria, precisely a Muslim marriage, you most likely have seen the bride with intricately drawn designs on her hands.

Some of us who see this as very strange, would be wondering what really is the significance of such. If you have ever wondered what is or its significance, read on….

This drawing and hand decorations is simply known as Henna. In Nigeria, it is called Laali and in India it is called Mehndi.

The art of henna has been practiced over years in places like Pakistan, India, Africa and the Middle East. Henna was used for cosmetic purposes in the Roman Empire, Convivencia-period Iberia and Ancient Egypt, as well as other parts of North Africa, the Horn of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the Near East and South Asia.

It can be found in other hot climates like Pakistan, India and Australia. Enough of the history though, but now you know little of the origin.

For those of our would-be Hausa or Northern brides, this is an art you just cannot miss. A lot of us out there would be looking for Northern bridal inspirations. Well, here is one. There are various bridal henna designs that can spice up your Northern bridal outfit.

Here are the alluring bridal henna designs you’d love as a bride;

Style 1

Hello World

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Style 5

Style 6


These bridal henna designs are sure to keep your guests admiring you all through the day, as they are absolutely alluring!

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