Ma Ladies!

Lip colours vary; they are either light or dark. If you’ve got those natural sexy, succulent and beautiful pink lips, I guess you love them. If you have those beautiful dark lips that give you radiant smiles, it’s cute too. It gets out of hand when your dark lips become extremely dark that it looks like you just scrubbed them with charcoal. It becomes worse when the darkness goes with wrinkles.

Lip lightening

Lip lightening

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Don’t be worried about those extremely dark lips. Lighten them now with these natural tips;

1. Sugar Scrub: This gently exfoliates lips. Mix three tea spoon fulls of sugar and  two tea spoon full of olive oil and gently scrub your lips with this. Don’t worry if some of this goes into your mouth. After all it’ll be a delicious treat too! Repeat this two to three times weekly.

2.Lemon: Squeeze out lemon juice and apply to lips every night before going to sleep. Continue the regime for a month or longer for stubborn darker lips.

3.Almond Oil:Mix powdered almond and milk to make a paste and apply on lips daily.Mix equal amounts of Castor oil and almond oil and massage your lips with this.

4.Mustard Oil: Take one to two drops of mustard oil and rub it into your belly button before you go to bed. This is an old way of using this oil for cracked chapped and dark lips. Wondering how this can help your lips? You got all your nutrition from this belly button only since your conception in mother’s womb!

5.Fuller’s Earth: Make a paste using fuller’s earth to honey, then apply to lips. Leave for about five to ten minutes and then wash off. Repeat twice this twice weekly.

These would end the extremely dark lips tragedy.

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