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Sarah Jakes Roberts Takes charge. The business woman, writer, motivational speaker, media personality is a whole woman. There is so much that has happened in Sarah’s life that makes her a woman that makes it happen. First think about what it’s like to be a preacher’s Kid and not just any preacher but one that was named Time’s Magazine’s “America’s Best Preacher” and this naming came at a time when you were trying to run away from the Politics of the church and experience things outside that contract only to discover that as your very popular father was getting honoured in a national news outlet you are pregnant – at Just Thirteen.

From discovering she was going to be a teen mum, Sarah‘s life fast became Hazzy; It was a scandal that rocked the church and although her family stood solidly beside her, it was a lot to deal with especially since she was just 13. Sarah Made a point to take care of her son, finish her high school and then off she went to college only for her to once again be met with yet another series of drama that involved relationship and infidelity and a failed Marriage.


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Whew! Such was Sarah’s youth but then the ministry leader managed to pull through first by creating a blog which became an outlet for her to pour out her frustration and share her experiences. This however was when she discovered her call and today she’s igniting a movement with her brain child “Woman Evolve”.



According to statements taking from an interview on xonecole.com she expressed;

I really feel like I know people online, so I am most excited about connecting with people who have resonated with my messages and with my life, I’m looking forward to that connection and sisterhood.”

Sarah’s journey has been epic and she has promised to continue to share and be transparent. She definitely would continue to create an environment that would help women express their vulnerability without the fear of being judged.


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While as a teenager Sarah wanted to be able to relate with a person, flawed yet evolving from those flaws and acknowledging their missteps and she just couldn’t find such a one the reasons why she turned to kid’s who were searching just like her; as an adult Sarah has clearly become who she searched for. A light for women, flawed but assured in God’s divine love.

We are proud of Sarah Jakes Roberts, we are proud of her ministry, of her business acumen of how she holds her family down and most especially her transparency as she has helped to assure us and so many other women that being flawed doesn’t means you would be disqualified from the divine love of God.

Source: IG | @Sarahjakesrobert \ www.xonecole.com

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