Women Crush Wednesday #1: Genevieve Nnaji


So yeah its women crush Wednesday and our crush for this week is our one and only Genevieve nnaji. We will be looking at her wardrobe, her styles, fashion trend , hair,make up and what ever that gives her that unique style, the girl power spirit and the confidences that’s never in question.

Introducing our #wcw she’s a mother, Nollywood actress, and musician #Genevieve nnaji.

nnaji 8

Hello World

Well our #wcw goes for a lot of events so she’s cut on camera mostly on dinner outfits. The first picture shows a deep V peplum like gown which does all the flattering by itself. The second gown is a simple boat neck gown with a C cut sleeve and has a little flow at the bottom.nnaji 1

The one below is a red deep C cut at the back with black braids at the back to flatter her curves, the back has most of the drama so the front just has a little flowery patten embroidery, well packed up hair, nice dropping earrings, lipstick to go with the dress and a perfect purse.

nnaji 3

You can take tips on the right celebrity pose from here, moving on to the outfits the first one has an asoebi twist to it, a tub dress with awesome detailing on the top side of the dress, well packed up hair and nice earrings and purse. The second one is a full laced up gown, well parked up hair, simple make up and a cute small purse.

nnaji 5

So amazing, she was looking so stunning in her off shoulders dinner gown with hair dropping at the side with dropping earrings and a small purse to go.


And finally we were able to get some of her causal looks shit gown are so in now, long maxi dresses can really never go out of fashion, a free top and jeans for the movies and a simple short in front and long at the back dress. so that’s it girl our #wcw inspiration for this Wednesday!!!

nnaji 6

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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