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Women are always stigmatised with the word cheat and leaving a man all because they found another person more bouyant than him. It is no more a  strange thing in our community today and some of this ladies regret their actions at some point. Most times relationships that are built on material things do not succeed because both partner only care for what they want and not what the other partner wants.


Hello World

 Dear Amaka, I need your  advice. I’m dating this guy since 2014, we met in my final year in school, he was doing his PG. He is the most amazing guy I’ve met, he is kind, caring, hardly gets angry, hates fighting, he’s just everything I prayed for. his only problem is communication, sometimes I start a fight from nowhere just to make him talk but I love him so much. My problem is this, he doesn’t have a steady job yet, he doesn’t make plenty but we sha survive on the little he makes but I’m 24 I’m not really young anymore, my friends are getting married everyday and anytime I bring it up, he’ll tell me to have faith and be praying for him. So there are these other two guys, I don’t really know them much but they are serious about settling down already, one works with shell in warri the other one works with Novartis in Germany, they are really comfortable but I don’t really love them….YET. I love my boyfriend, do you think I’m being selfish and unfair if I say yes to one of these men?

Dear worried

Marriage is much more than material things, the grass always looks greener outside but when you go in you will know that all that glitters is not gold. Age does not determine when a person should get married, people get married when they are ready and not when they feel they are of age to get married.

Not everybody communicates well, some people are introverts and I will be Lying to you if I tell you they might change. It is their lifestyle and you have to learn  to cope with it. You shouldn’t dumb your boyfriend for people you don’t know anything about and more so you don’t love any of them, the material things can go away at anytime and you will be left with nothing, at that stage what attracts you will be gone and you will left with nothing not even love. You are still very young and still have many things to achieve before getting married, achieve those things and help your boyfriend build a better life.

Hey darlings, this sister is in desperate need of your advice, please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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