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It’s time to ditch your old best friend and embrace this one am about to tell you about. Your new best friend has the ability to come in and save the day from any beauty or outfit emergencies. Embrace this new found love, the surgical tape. I’m sure you are wondering why I said it should be your new best friend, here is why it is very effective and can fit anything to everything. Be rest assured, I’ve got the reasons why this roll of surgical tape should be your latest and new best friend


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  • It can make your heels more comfortable: Tap it to the third and fourth toes of each foot to ease pain and pressure when wearing heels
  • To prevent Blisters: Better than Band-Aid which ends up in the bottoms of you flats when used. This miracle tape will stick better over time and almost invisible when taped to your Achilles.


  • To help secure the boobs in backless dresses: No bra under that backless dress, no problem. Just stretch the tape vertically from under the breast up to the middle and secure above to wherever comfy for you.
  • To stencil the perfect cat eye: Just place under the lower eyelid and at the angle you want and sketch the perfect cat eye away


  • Prevent wrinkles: Dermatologically tested to help prevent wrinkles. Just tape between the eyebrows (before you sleep) helps to hold that region in place and the frown which occurs when you sleep.
  • Reduce the eye bags: Taping eye bags just before bed helps to restrict the blood vessels and fluid in this region, to make you look more awake.

Is this surgical tape worth being your new best friend? What other tape can be used inplace of this tape? Share with us in the comment box below

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