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We see women in their 50’s and 60’s looking hot as hell and we wonder how they’ve come about this exciting physique. Well the answer is simple, they planned for it right from their 20’s. In life there are easy fix, things we can repair instantly like the broken heels or the buttons that fell of our coat but when it comes to our skin care there is only so much you can do when you start late.

The wise one’s say “the bad news is that time flies and the good news is that you are the pilot”, this quote only goes to show the importance of starting out early so that when you are older you would have achieved your goals of a soft and smooth skin. Therefore asides from eating healthy by incorporating enough vegetables and fruits into your meals, moderate exercise and the likes, using Anti-inflammatory products in your twenties is also a necessity for maintaining soft and baby like skin.

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There are several other reasons why it’s necessary to start using anti-aging products in your twenties, and they include;

  1. Anti-Agers are good forgetting rid of acne because they contain the same component as the acne cream.
  2. Preventing fine lines is much more easier compared to getting rid of them, applying anti-aging products with SPF 30 is a great way to prevent them in future
  3. Wrinkles at this age can only be seen with a microscopic lenses, but to get a healthier skin in future you need to start using products with vitamin A & C. Also eating food with anti-oxidants like fresh tomatoes and berries would help.
  4. Caring for your skin at this stage would also help you prevent Cancer, remember to always use sunscreen with SPF 30.

Age fast, age slow its all up to you but I would urge you to start your beauty routine if you want to look good when you are older. There is no miracle attached to achieving a great skin, there is only the effort and due diligence put into following a true skin care routine.

Would you buy an anti-aging product if it guarantee’s you would look like Halle Berry at 49? Share your witty thoughts in the comment section below.

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