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Our hands are the first stop to our mouths, “a wise saying goes that its from the hand that poison goes into the mouth”. This is actually very true and real, when you do not take care of your hand which is one of the most important aspect of your body then you are doing it all wrong. You would not wash your face without using a moisturizer so why not do same to your hands, actually your hand is the first sign to any form of aging in you, all the stress and work all join in making the hands look aging, its important to care for it as much as you care for your face as you would not want to have a smooth face and get a very wrinkled hand which would look like it belongs to someone else.

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The skin in the outer layer of the hand is quiet different from the skin in the inner layer, the hand can get dry and cracked easily as this could lead to a lot of discomfort, due to this its important you always use hand cream for your hand as it would go a long way in making it soft and healthy.

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Hand cream are different for hand types, as the kind of exposure to hard labor and menial jobs differ from one person to the other. As the hands are always exposed its not only good that is washed its also good that it feels good, and constant moisturizing is key. You can use a hand cream that sinks in easily during the day then use anti-aging or a cream with richer ingredients at night.

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It is very important for every male and female to have a little tube of hand cream along with them, as important as it is to wash your hand that is the same way it is for you to cream your hand, its important to use hand cream with anti-germ in it, it  protects your hand from germs as your hands are always on the move and touch.

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