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White shoes are really difficult to maintain because they get dirty easily but they are certainly popular and a wardrobe staple.  You might find the white shoes an impossible feat because keeping the white shoes white sometimes seems impossible but you should know that due to their various fabric there are different ways to clean them. whether they are leather, canvas, rubber or suede they can still look like new but it takes a lot of time and commitment that is worth it.


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The first tip is to always keep your white shoes spot clean on a regular basis for example carry a shoe cleaning wipe to clean spots you might site on the go as this would prevent the stains from seeping into the fabric: below are the things you would need for cleaning,

  1. old newspaper
  2. laundry detergent
  3. soft cloths and rags
  4. shoe polish, leather conditioner, suede cleaners, leather protector etc
  5. gloves
  6. rubbing alcohol

1. For rubber shoes, rub soap all over the white parts and brush with an old tooth brush, then wipe the soap off with a clean cloth.

2. For canvas fabric used for sneakers, use a clean rag to remove the dust and dirt on the surface take off the laces, rinse with warm water, mix soap (natural soap like dish washers) with warm water and then use a soft brush to brush every part then rinse with warm water.

Tip: Stick paper towels into the sneakers to make the drying process faster.

3. For leather shoes its best to go with commercial products like shoe gel and liquids, sprays, cream and foams. You can also use leather cleaning products used for leather car seats, put the shoe on a layer of old papers. Once you apply this cleaners, wait for a bit then clean off with a clean cloth.

Tip: Use a pre-cleaner if your leather shoe already has an old polish buildup, also condition and keep your leather shoe intact with a leather conditioner.

4. For suede shoes, a mixture of water and cleaning solution would get stains away. But first brush off the dirt back and forth in the same direction with a suede cleaner. Protect your suede by coating it with a suede spray protector but make sure you have gotten all the dirt out first.

5. If you don’t have all of these fancy solutions then you can use home made solution like a tooth brush or wash cloth with a paste to clean off the stains, then petroleum gelly to make it rest and shine . Also furniture polish, extra virgin olive oil and walnut oil can be used to keep and maintain your shoes.

Tip: Keep your leather shows out of direct sunlight 

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