We all hear about that friend who never gets her eyes off other peoples man, she would want to grind with him if you go out to the club once you go to use the rest room, you come back and be like ‘aunty I no tell you say I need helper na’. She would be the one to spill out that secret which you do not want bae to know about, she would do everything to be closer to your bae and you begin to wonder “what exactly is her problem”.

This kind of people never get to stick with their own bae as the long throat they have for another person own no dey let them stay one place, na so their eye would be popping into another person ‘jollof rice’, aunty go buy your own and enjoy your own.

If you mistakenly help this kind of girl, for example you all go clubbing after which she cant get home it is better you give her T-fare to her house than to take her to bae house, because once you do that she would be delivering bae breakfast,lunch and dinner and even volunteer to do the laundry, they would do anything to get another persons bae.

See below a mail we got in our inbox which relates to this matter above, if you were in this woman’s position what would you do? Please do not say pour her acid/hot water the bible says love your neighbor as yourself…..lol


Hello World


I have a friend, we went to same university, while I was living with my sisters, she and her boyfriend turned hubby were living together, so we lived in same compound while in school. Not like we were so close, but we get along because she is the funny type. When I got married and relocated to where my hubby was she was serving in that town. So, after her service she and her husband  visited me. In 2014 she got married and put to birth, on 23 of Dec she called me and said her hubby traveled leaving her and son to find their way back to d east without a kobo. Been that I got a new job and was posted out of where my hubby was and trying to see if I can be transferred back to my base. And my hubby who visits me and my kids every 2wks was coming down for xmas too, I took pity on her and begged my hubby to allow her come back wit him since she was with her son. My hubby called me last month and told me that my friend has been harassing him ever since we helped her, I couldn’t believe it. One night by 2am she started calling again, my hubby called me and ask me to keep quiet and listen and then called her back with his other Iine with d speaker on, I could not believe my ears. Wetin d babe talk too plenty, wetin she want ooo too much wen the man wey u dey harass neva agree, infact I no fit write am finish. When she was through my hubby told her that he luvs his wife so much and that he is charismatic member in his church whom his marriage is so important to and then warned her not to call his line again. My hubby is saying that I should confront her abt it, I also told my sister who knows her back then in school she also said I should confront her. I don’t knw if its d right thing to do. Pls I need your advice.

Dear Sister,

It is important you get this settled once and for all, afterall she is not even so close a friend to you, you just helped her. Talk to her in a kind way, gentle way, respectfully tell her to back off your husband, if she does not you can report her to her family members or if you know where she worships go there talk to an elder there or something. She looks desperate and is likely not going to back off unless you make her understand that you know what she is trying to do.

When next she calls your husband you can pick it up and talk to her, you and your husband can ban her number from calling too. Please make as much effort as you can and also your husband should stop picking her calls no matter what.

Try not to feel guilty about this because there is no way you would have known that she is trying to destroy your marriage, or try to get your husband to be with her.

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