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I’ve been asked this question so many times and honestly even though I do both I haven’t come up with the better option because the reality is both have pro’s and con’s but well, lets leave the con’s for another day and talk about the pro’s only; when should you pick out your clothes night or morning?

The Night Before:



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  • When you pick up your clothes the night before, it gives you more time in the morning so you won’t have to wake up and start wondering. You would have time to sort other things like feeding your kids or making sure to scrub your feet properly.
  • When you plan an ensemble before the time you need it, you are bond to notice any mishap like a tear, stain or wrinkles and this way you can attempt to fix the problem or just find something else.
  • You can get the opinion of either your rummy or your bea because at that moment nobody is rushing out the door in a hurry.

The Morning After




  • Many times we wake up to a certain kind of mood so if you were so cool and calm the night before you might be happy and bright the next morning so its best to follow your mood.
  • And then there is the weather, the weather condition might change in the morning, it might have been sunny the day before but it might rain in the morning so your choice the night before may not be ideal for the weather.
  • Thinking about what to wear in the morning warms up the brain. Your brain gets creative and this is a good flow for the day.
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What do you think guys, with all this pros when should you pick out your clothes night or morning? Lets here your views.

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