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Underwears are one thing we ladies can’t do without. Just imagine a day without your bra or even panties, just how uncomfortable and conscious would you be for that day. No matter how upright your boobs are or what clothes you are wearing, underwears play an important role in your overall look.

So what does the type of underwear you wear say about you? What the type of panties you love and rock indicates about you. Your choice of panties says a lot about the kind of person you are. Keep scrolling for the discovery we found on what your underwear says about you.

  • Bikini: You love minimal make-up and ponytail look. You played sports while growing up. Your secret…you can kick ass while be wholesomely healthy too


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  • Thong: You are loyal customer of Victoria Secret and will never miss your monthly wax appointment. You love the lacy but go for the cotton just to make panty lines obsolete.


  • Boy Shorts: You love the guy squad and enjoy gisting and catching up on football details from them. You are a fan of the pair of trousers that give a zero doubt about your gender.


  • High-waisted briefs: You call the secret reason why your curves won’t quit, others call it granny panties and unfashionable but you can rock a pencil skirt with full confident of your curvy curves.


  • Period panties: You are genius and always know the right thing for all right times, the right time of the month, the right panties and you are right all the way.


Ladies, what does your favourite underwear say about you? Share with us in the comment box

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