Hey College Graduates… Yeah you

We were posed with a request from a dedicated fan that says “Kindly do a post showing us how to dress for your graduation”
Well if you’ve had the same question hovering at the back of your mind then this is the right place to be…

How do you decide what to wear to your college graduation?

Typically this decision requires more insight because while you are bothered about picking up your gown and cap you must also think of what you are wearing inside this academic garb. What you choose would depend on your personal taste as well as style at this point however while there are a lot to choose from you should first see read this;

Guides to dressing comfortable for your university or college graduation;

– Shoes!!! Yes we would be starting with this because they are going to be your bane if you are not careful. For graduation you must be comfortable, you must be able to jump, run whatever the case and so wearing shoe’s you’ve never worn before might not be the best option especially if you are someone who isn’t too keen about heels. However, if you must go with something new, make sure its super comfy.

– Now we are in the part that concerns us the most and that is clothes! First while its a formal occasions its not completely formal at least not in the way of a job interview and so you must try to find a balance in-between but you could also try something a little more dressy if you feel like, there’s really no rule against what you wear except make sure you are totally comfortable and make sure that it isn’t JEANS!!!

Earn your degree looking fabulous, check out these college graduation outfit ideas:


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What you should wear for your graduation are the above style or at least take a cue from these looks.

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