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Ever heard of keratin? Am so sure you might have come across many fake products that claim to be keratin hair treatment products because I sure have. One thing you should know is that Keratin hair treatment is carried out for people that are mostly interested in straightening their hair and keeping the frizz out. The keratin hair treatment boost of strengthening the hair and giving it a new shine.


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The treatments are almost always carried out with the use of conditioners, some keratin (remember our hair is made up of this protein, its supposed to add strength to our hair) and  a Formaldehyde like chemical which is supposed to create a long lasting smoothing effect.

Now with all of this information how do you know what to expect? Here are things you should know before you for for a Keratin hair treatment;

  1. Keratin hair treatment has become a marketing buzz that people have created to sell their services but you should know that most of this services does nothing to de-frizz your hair.
  2. The Formaldehyde chemical is known to hold the hair tight and gives it a straighter position. So in order to be sure of what treatment you are receiving ask your stylist if they have this chemical.
  3. Formaldehyde chemical is quite toxic so its better to ask your hairstylist for an alternative like any product with glyoxylix acid.
  4. When using hair straightening products you have to change both shampoo and conditioner but you don’t necessarily have to buy the one your hairstylist is offering.
  5. This treatment should be done three times a year at most, this is because it can be really damaging for your hair.

Have you learnt something? Remember the word keratin hair treatment is just a market buzz so be wise.

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