It’s Monday and lets be real the work week stress is already materializing. There is no “easy” part to working but then there is the fulfillment that looking good can give you. Compared to a couple of years ago the rules of the work wear has changed. While its still a requisite to wear suits in some orthodox field the landscape is changing and more than less traditional industries are softening their rules.

What to wear to work therefore depends on your work environment and the rules set by the company. For some people wearing a hoodie to work is very okay while for some its a NO-NO. There are those who are in an environment that is neither traditional nor unorthodox, these are the people who find themselves in a business casual environment.

Whatever environment you find yourself you have to try to look professional, i.e you have to care about te way you look not only that you should make sure that you dress according to your field, nothing less nothing too much just the right dose of style goodness.

Another tip is to know the essence of your outfit- this means you should understand what every piece you put together is meant for; e’g flip flops are meant for walking around and not the office. Once you have a hang of this it becomes easier to navigate through youyr work closet.

We decided to cut through your work stress by showing you outfit ideas that you can be inspired by. Note that even though you don’t have the exact pieces you could get a bit of starting point just looking at them.


Hello World






Work wear inspirations for the week…

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