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Many Successful female career women have been successful not only for their brain power and smarts but for how they look.

Take for example Ndidi Nwuneli, this fire house of a woman steps out and wow’s the crowd with her innovations and success and she is still able to be in front of the covers of fashion magazines not just to talk about what she has achieved in her life but also to talk about her style.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche is a writer known all over the world, she’s also an active feminist and she’s also a fashion lover.

Years before this new turn of the millennial, women who loved fashion were seen as less than smart and people who had no ambition, now we’ve been able to see how women have taken a stand for what they are passionate about. Today we see a lot of “professional women” leaving their careers to pursue one in fashion a typical example is Toju Foyeh.

Successful growing women this days do not make apologies for their style choices, they don’t have to down play their looks to please anybody rather they make sure they look good and professional.

This new culture of looking well dressed has affected the work place environment in a positive way, now many people have been thrown in the positive light because of how well they dress.

Lets go through a few outfits you can wear to work;


Hello World






Be inspired.

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