What to wear to church this Sunday? Any idea’s/clues? Don’t worry we would do you a solid by showing you what we thing you should wear to church.

As Christians, fellow-shipping with our fellow Christians on Sunday is a part of the Christian way of life. Think about t, although we may have a bit of reservation sometimes but we have to remember there has always been a place of worship right from genesis even down to revelations. This is so that the children of God and express themselves even more openly without judgement.

Also as art of the traditions of church, what you wear casually cannot be worn to church if we are to take what the bible says into cognizance. Lets go to genesis and exodus where the cloth for the tabernacle/temple was a white cloak as opposed to the ones they would wear on a daily basis. This goes to show that the most high believes that when you come to the place of worship, you should lay down all filth and come clean in his presence, with joy and happiness.

For us contemporary women, this translates to wearing our church best. The people of that time wore their most precious apparel and we too should do so. Seeing that we have a lot more options we have to know how to work them into our church life.

Here’s What to wear to church this Sunday…

CHURCH WEAR | Style Clues


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