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Religion is a huge part of who we are as a person… While growing up many of us attended churches with our parents and for a while our outfits were picked by them but as an adult we are left to do the assembling on our own.

While assembling a church outfit might seem very easy to some of us, for others its a thought process and we always have to make sure we get on that train early enough so we don’t go late to church. What to wear to church is a reoccurring question that pop’s up very Saturday night and Sunday morning and tackling this situation means you need to be armed with the right idea that would make your church look worth the while.

“Nothing is cute enough to compensate for how modesty feels”

This quote is the exact message that the church tries to pass to their members. Modesty is the watch word for all churches and it is important as a church goer to adhere to this rules especially when you have to attend church service on Sunday.

We’ve gathered a couple of fashion pieces that would seek to stimulate your creative spot. You might not have the exact pieces in your closet but you could be inspired by the way the outfits are put together. Scroll through to see the cute yet modest ways you can dress to church:


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We must certainly love this what to wear to church look-book. Its refreshing and whats amazing is that it fits every church atmosphere, just pick the one you like and mimic according to how your church doctrines are.

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