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A road trip entails travelling long distance by road. Going on a road trip is a very enjoyable and fun thing to do; whether you are travelling across towns or cross country. For those who are adventurous, it provides that adventure you seek as well.

When travelling, I’m sure you agree with me that it can be a little difficult to stay stylish especially in the car but that doesn’t mean you should look completely sloppy. Even though much time is spent sitting, you don’t want to get out of the car for a drink or for a stretch and have people staring at you for looking rough.

The key to getting your road trip fashion right is to put your comfort first. Never sacrifice your comfort for anything no matter what. For some people, when you talk about comfort the first thing that comes to their mind is jeans but jeans can be confining at times especially when you are going to sit for a long time. So it is advisable to wear loose fitting outfits. Cloths with prints are also ideal to hide wrinkles or spills.

Your shoes needs to be comfortable as well because obviously, road trips are not the time for that fashion-forward heels. Instead try on your bright or metallic sandal or your stylish slip-on or your lace up sneakers because flats make you feel more fabulous – and definitely comfortable for this purpose. Scarves or caps can be very useful in hiding that messy travel hair too. Road trip outfits are all about being comfortable so carefully select the ones that suit that purpose.

Maxi skirts is one of the most comfy clothing for a trip


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The hat can help with the messy hair while the kimono jacket can help in keeping you warm



Denim shirt can keep you warm from the breeze caused by a fast-moving car.



A loose-fitting dress with strappy sandals can keep you comfortable and airy during a hot road trip



A Poncho can help in keeping you warm

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A palazzo pants keeps you airy as against a skinny jeans that confines during a road trip


So next time you’re going on a road trip, be sure to put your comfort first.

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