Hey Lovers,

So am still in my love state and am thinking honeymoon today, decided to bring to you the necessities for s honey moon trip, after writing about honeymoon destinations yesterday, I figured it would be a good idea to give some tips on packing for the honeymoon too.

So in packing for the honeymoon, its essential that you have a checklist of must dos and stick to it, it would help you to pack right and pack efficiently, here are some of the things to input in your checklist

1. Start Early: Its essential crucial important and a necessity to pack on time, you noticed how i used many words to express the importance? yes because its key, you try to pack weeks ahead of the D day, especially if you travelling immediately after your wedding ceremony to avoid rush and forgetting essentials.

2. Documents: Of cos you would not want to get to the airport and find out you forgot your passport of other necessary documents at home, and if you stay in a place like Lagos just know you have missed your flight, because the kind traffic wey go hit you if you wan go pick that passport no be here oo. So in other not to be in this situation is best you pack all the necessary documents and keep it in a safe place where it cant be soiled by a spilled lotion or oil, preferably in a plastic purse or something of sort.

Transparent plastic folder

Hello World

3. Cosmetics and Toiletries: Pack all the necessary cosmetics, its your honeymoon so please its important you pack quality cosmetics. The toiletries should be that which would have a very inviting fragrance, honeymoon is meant to be a very sexual time, so yeah its allowed to cause all the luring.


4. Condoms and Birth control pills: This is not applicable to those who want to start a family immediately, but if you and your partner have decided to wait a while before having kids, its essential you take along condoms/birth control pills to help you prevent unwanted issues.


5. Starch Cash: Its important that you starch away some extra cash by the side, this cash would only be for an emergency situation in-case of  the need for some extra cash springs up. You can starch it in a purse and keep it somewhere safe.

Zip purse

6. Camera: It is honeymoon so its important you keep pictures, for memories, so you have what to reference to when you thinking or discussing your honeymoon at anytime.

canon camera

7. Remember The Romance: Its your honeymoon so do not forget the fun, passion, love, intimacy and all. Make sure you pack the necessary sexy things the love notes, the love book, her favorite chocolate, his favorite biscuit and anything that would bring the romance on.


There are a lot of things you should pack for your honeymoon  but these are essential  also its important to have a good box to pack your luggage, its also important to pack the right lingerie because this is the right time to get the sexy on. So brides and brides-to-be here are some what to pack tips for your honeymoon, do not be confused anymore about what to pack and when to pack because you got all you need right here.

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