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The popular saying that Music is Life can’t be over emphasized. Music is something that flows smoothly with soul and body and everybody has got a particular genre they love, even those that say they don’t like music  they just haven’t found the music that appeals to their soul. So how come some songs makes people cry and others dance through it? And how come your friend finds your type of songs distasteful and vice versa? Your taste in music says a lot more about your personality than you know. It has been shown that songs can make you do so many things like drink or smoke, love and  even act unethically.

Music on headphones

Music on headphones

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Whatever genre of songs you prefer to listen to, it says something about you and I’m so sure you aren’t even aware of what it says. Let’s break it down and you can deduce what your favorite genre says about you.

  • Listening to Blues:  Shows You are an introvert, it shows that you wish you had a romantic experience so the song takes you to a place you could only imagine. On the other hand it shows your smooth and gentle nature.
  • Listening to Classics: Shows  you are creative with a high self esteem and at ease with who you are. On the other hand you also have a snobbish personality or people assume you do.
  • Listening to Rock: Shows  you love for new experiences and adventures, you are spirited and proud. On the other hand people assume you are nuts.
  • Listening to Metallic  This class of songs exhibit your spontaneous nature. Angry music boost performance level and encourage suicidal thoughts on some level, so these type of music exhibits your high level of determination.
  • Listening to Rap: This genre, reveals how creative and tough you are; Rappers are known to freelance with lyrics but you can be stubborn and pigheaded at the same time.
  • Listening  to Reggae: Show your outgoing spirit and high self-esteem but people assume you are addicted to pot. Maybe you are maybe you are not.
  • Listening to Dance: Shows you are not so gentle, you enjoy going out for parties and your unique creativity isn’t also left out as you are fast to adopt and improve on new dance steps.
  • Listening to Opera:  Says you are  smooth and gentle, classy, choosy and pompous.

Music is life and can help with healthy living.

Music lovers, define your type of music, do you think this descriptions are correct? let’s know in the comment box.

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