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We all know heels helps to make an outfit and sure increase the charisma of the wearer and the whole outfit. But we know after walking or standing on them for a while or longer, they can hurt very much. We love these shoes so much but can we forget the pain and hurt we get from them? What do you think might happen if you stop wearing heels for good?


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Here are some interesting things that may happen when you stop wearing heels.

  • You might feel more pain in your heel region than your feet. Returning to your normal length after a long time of wearing heels causes the muscles connecting the calf to the heel region to contract to a shorter length (usually caused by wearing heels for a long period) to its normal long length.
  • That lower back pain might just go away. Heels are known to cause pressure on the spine because of the added height it gives which results to lower back pain.
    Back pain

    Back pain

  • Switching to wider toes shoes will enhance your toe nails to grow better and calluses caused by tight pumps will disappear within few days.
  • Going for flat shoes will help to increase stability and better balance, unlike the heeled shoes that caused imbalance of the ankle muscles.                                                                                                                                                   monochrome-meshmanigazer-style-lifestyle-and-fashion-blog-by-iman-4

Now don’t go thinking  about throwing out those beautiful Loubotins, but it all has to do with moderation. Opting for a flat shoe with that chic outfit isn’t actually a bad idea and for those special occasions, the heels are the big guns but don’t forget go for the heels that are balanced and comfortable.

So guys, let us know you take on wearing heels or not in the comment box….*kisses

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