Our physical attribute is what we think about when the question what makes you more attractive to the opposite $3x is asked but in truth its never all about the physical attribute as they are not the only features that attract the opposite $3x. Here are surprising qualities that makes you $3xier and much more attractive;

Attractive couple cuddling on the couch

Attractive couple

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  • Humor is incredibly endearing you might not think so because you don’t feel $3xy at the time but a study proved women find funny men attractive because its a sign of intelligence.
  • Now there is a lot of and I quote “Normal” out there, so no need to try to fit in because research shows that both men and women prefer non-conformist romantic partners  contrary to belief that says men prefer submissive and agreeable women so go ahead and be different, its alluring.
  • Okay so listen up research shows that women love brooding men more compared to happy men. This explains the reason why women love “bad boys”. Don’t update your profile just yet because this study is based on first-impressions of $3xual attraction rather than an inquiry into how an ideal man is supposed to look like.
  •  Being courageous is attractive and captivating, this though but powerful emotion can make you $3xier. Research shows that both men and women are attracted to courageous partners because courageous partners are relatable.
  • Now listen up ladies, asides from the fact that heels help to revamp your style did you know you’re hotter when you wear high heels? Well studies showed that 95% men chased after women who wore heels and they were more receptive to help women on heels rather than flats.
  • We can barely breath when our crush walks in but have you ever had the courage to tell your crush how you feel? Well its about time you need to man up or woman up because a study shows that 90% say its attractive when you know the other person likes you.
  • Personal and emotional exchange during a first date leads to feelings and connection, so sharing your secrets can be seductive remember this when next you are on a date.
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What do you think? What are the features you find most attractive in a soon to be partner, lets see your views, share with us by leaving your comments in the comment box below.

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