I really believe that true love exist despite the odds but there are traits that many of us want to find in our partners and according to most men this are some of the traits that they want in a significant other that will make for a long lasting relationship.

Starting from the least to the top, here are 10 traits every man wants to find in his woman;

10. Independent

The truth is that although many men want to be depended on they also want a woman who can hold it together, a woman who has her interest and commitments and not a woman that can’t function without them because at the end they would feel suffocated and run for the nearest exit.

9 Intelligence

The bimbo route get’s old quick, but once a woman can match the intellectual level it becomes a turn on, this is because an intellectual woman will constantly keep you on your toes and she’s someone to go to for a reasonable opinion when you need one.

8. $3xual

The $3xual attraction is a real thing, and its really important in relationships, therefore its important that you are able to please each other in the bedroom or wherever. Physical attraction simply means there is an undeniable attraction between you two.

7. You are attracted to her

This is obvious but very important because a great girlfriend would also want you to look great . Mutual attraction helps you both want to keep looking your best.

6. Respect

Men are built to demand respect, so being respectful is so important. The perfect girl is respectful and she listens even when there is a heated argument between the two of you. A good girlfriend wouldn’t make disputes public but she would keep it private. respect is one of the golden rule in a relationship.

5. She lets you be a man

As a man getting with a girl that tells you to quite watching football with your pals or ruling on what you should eat for breakfast is a no no because at the end of the day resentment would creep in. A super girlfriend  would understand that men are different from women and that they need to be themselves to function. Therefore she would understand that there are some certain things you can’t give u like hanging out sometimes with the boys.

4. Nagging for a really good reason 

A girls constant nagging doesn’t change the behavior of a man instead it makes him worse, so its best a lady chooses her battles with wisdom. That means nagging is allowed when there is a good reason behind it.

3. Great relationship with your family and friends

A great girlfriend would put a lot of energy into making those around you comfortable with her, she would help out during family occasions, she would try to get along  and establish a chill relationship with your friend and siblings.

2. Love 

A woman who really love a man for who he is and not who he pretends to be or because of what he has is a keeper. Everybody has habits that can be really annoying to the next party but if she can deal with it that means she really loves you. Also the way she looks at you and treats you shows how much she really loves you.

1. A better man

Behind every great man there is an even powerful woman, this quote is not q myth, A woman doesn’t have to say much to make a man want to act right and do better, but if she can accomplish these 9 traits then he would automatically say she makes him a better man.

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Is this really what guys really want in a girl? or do you have another opinion? Air your views we would love to hear from you.

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