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What do you think about the Aso Ebi Trend? Originally the aso ebi trend started when families decided they wanted uniformity at occasions so they go out to get the Adire or aso oke fabric (which was very huge then) so they could share it among’s themselves, they would create styles that suit their personality but when they hit the scene of the party people would know what family they were from. Now the aso ebi trend is all over even those abroad caught the fever and anywhere there is a nigerian party there is aso ebi involved.

Last month my house mate was in some sort of cross road, she had two important weddings to attend and she had to get aso ebi for each, since the ladies involved were close friends of hers, while she was busy lamenting on the fact that we had big bills to pay, she was stuck on the price of the asoebi, each one went for 25k this normally isn’t a big deal but she had to pay for two different weddings which happen to be on the same day, Imagine the dilemma…

Well she ended up paying for each and through the month she was on the broke side of life… Fast forward to present another friends wedding is coming up and God knows how much her own aso ebi would be and of course if you guessed that she would pay for it again you guessed right.

In many weddings the aso ebi has become the right of passage or the right to receive souvenirs, its one thing to pay for an aso ebi and its another to pay for the tailoring expense, some are as low as 2,000 Naira others are as high as 25,000. My dearest friend had two asoebi’s to sew and she went to a fashion house which charged over 10,000 for each piece (wiping sweat) and then if you ask her how she felt about the expenses, it is of course long forgotten and she’s looking forward to the next one (No regrets here)

Now that’s my friend as for me, am not cut out for all of this asoebi thing, probably because I have limited amount of friends but I love to cut my coat according to my size, I figure 25k at this stage of my life would probably be the most I can spend on an aso ebi (don’t get me started on the brides maid package, that’s a whole other level).

In any case we still have to support our friends so that they can support you, its not goats and chickens that would attend your wedding, the logic is do me I do you, If I buy your aso ebi today you would buy mine tomorrow…

So we threw the questions to our Facebook and Instagram users and here what they have to say;

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Now Lovelies; What Is The Highest Amount That You Have Ever Had To Spend On An Aso Ebi Package And What Was Your Immediate Reaction? Let Us Know In The Comment Section Below.

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