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No one understands the challenges of working in a building where everything is organized and streamlined, I mean where’s the fun guys? Since you signed those dotted lines you best keep the complaining to yourself however that shouldn’t stop you from looking your very best.

One thing that makes people loose their mind is feeling like they are stock, but you can change this feeling; asked to wear dark colours like blue’s and black do it in the most delightful way, don’t allow that staple ruin your choice of outfit. Re-assess your current work outfits and ensure that while they are up to par with what your work environment requires they allow your personality to shine through.

It’s time for an improvement; you’ve gone through what you have in your closet, you’ve seen that there are some pieces that shouldn’t even be there, you need to eradicate them – After taking that step what you have to do next is clear your vision and see how your wardrobe can improve your life, now that you are mentally ready, the next step is to take a look at the photo book before. We are anchoring this new change in your life and helping you to launch a new you through fashion therefor we’ve made a few major selections that you can study and be inspired by.

Work Ready Wardrobe | Photo-Book


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This is totally what a work ready wardrobe should look like. Hopefully you are inspired by what you are seeing and this helps you to take the right step this work wear.

Be Inspired!

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