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Getting that luscious shape you had after giving birth can be really difficult, but know this, its not as hard as it seems with a little thing called determination you can achieve your goal in no time at all. One important thing you should know is that every pregnancy is different so it is advice that you seek your physicians advice before engaging in any work out routine. Starting an exercise program immediately you give birth is good for your overall health, to put your mind in shape believe you are a wellness mama like all other wellness mamas out there this is a motivator and would give you will power which is an important factor.


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Here are some exercises that would put both mind and body in shape.

1. Walking

Walking is good for every one in general and especially good for a nursing mother, walking is one of the simplest and easiest fitness routine. Start with simple stroll then work your way up to pumped up works. also try walking backwards an d in zigzags.

2. Deep Belly Breathing

This exercise can be done immediately after birthing, it helps to relax your muscle and it starts the process of toning your abs and belly. Start with sitting upright drawing air the diaphragm upwards, contract and hold your abs tight while inhaling and relax while exhaling, progress by increasing slowly the amount of times you contract and hold your abs.

3. Head lifts, Shoulder lifts and Curl up

This movements help strengthen back muscles, they also burn calories, for head lifts lie back with arms at the side then bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor, relax your belly as you inhale and exhale as you lift your self up. do this back and forth. For Shoulder lifts remain in the same position as you were then raise your shoulder and head off the floor reaching your arm and hands towards your knee.When you can achieve ten shoulder lifts then stay in the same position for curl ups, start by lifting your torso until its about half way between your knee, hold for 2-5 seconds then slowly lower yourself.

4. Kneeling Pelvic Tilt

This exercise helps to tone your tummy and strengthen your abs, start with all fours, toes touching the floor behind you, your arms should be straight down and your palms should touch the floor. Make sure your back is relaxed and straight, as you inhale pull your buttocks forward, tilting your pelvis and rotating your pubic bone upward. Hold and count to three then release.

There are a lot more exercise to try out but these exercises are the starters before your body can take a more rigorous routine. so as a wellness mama, start off with these simple exercise routine with vigor. Good Luck Mama!!!

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