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In Lagos the days are both cool and warm especially in this month of July where the rains are pouring down. The city of Lagos is a metropolitan city with hustling and bustling and this makes for various functions and events.

The Lagos metropolis is a bust of energy, Located at edge of the ocean it offers cool evenings, beautiful ambiance and ample locations created to give you the best leisure time.

“Lagos Jump, Lagos Jumping!” is a quote from the lyrics of a song titled Lagos referencing the boisterous environmen’t and fun loving people.

In Lagos you have to have style, class and a penchant for fashion trends. Thanks to the stylish vibe many people get roped into the the city’s scene but then get thrown out because they didn’t understand what it meant to dress the Lagos way.

Dressing the “Lagos” way is all about vibrancy and choosing well-made cuts and fabrics that are not only stylish but comfortable. This weekend we are going to show you cool ways you can dress for the city, and so if you have a function that requires a casual but stylish look, this tips would help you out;

  1. Ankara is an interesting fabric and it’s what you’ll find most lagosians in. From drapey to asymmetric cuts, the city is a hub for the best Ankara fashion, styles and designs.
  2. Fill your closet with DENIM (not literally but this is to emphasize the importance of this fabric. Every Lagosians knows that the Jean/denim is their best friend. They could either dress it up or down depending on where they are headed on the weekend.
  3. Tee-Shirts, body suits are also a classic, but not just plain tee’s (they wouldn’t do). Dressier tee’s like the ones that have been slashed or the ones with amazing graphics. If you want to do plain it has to be a body suit or body-con tee.

You can mix and match any of these tees in the most fabulous ways just make sure you have on-point accessories.

  1. Being “ordinarily” dressed is a NO NO in the metro city. This means you have to play with what you wear. Most people in the city are fashion forward and so you see them in the most interesting cut-back or raw edged styles.

There’s so much to say but its best to show you, see weekend styles for the Lagos Babe in the gallery below:


Hello World

Disco Pants



Ankara Coat

Floral Jeans

Love these weekend styles … Ozinna Anumudu rocks.

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