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What are your plans this weekend? Why not head out for a weekend getaway at a beach resort? The beach is one of my top favorite places to go to and that’s because its a place that you can forget about your worries. Staring into the ocean brings a certain calmness to your troubled soul, it reminds you that there is a big world out there and your problems are little.

The beach is also a place to hang out with bea or your pals, laying around, burying yourself in the sand or building sand sculptures, the beach is definitely fun. Because the beach is somewhere you go to to relax, your outfit has to be relaxed as well, there is no point in wearing heels (except its a beach party and there is a deck, kitten boxed heels would be cool or city sandal).

For a weekend getaway at the beach there are a number of things you have to consider, for example what to pack in terms of beauty products and of course the type of clothes you’ll need in the short space. Since we are all about the african print fashion, we suggest that your beach behavior gets a little fiery with the Ankara styles below;

Beach Ankara Styles 1

Beach Styles 1

Hello World
Beach Ankara Styles 2

Beach Styles 2

Beach Ankara Styles 3

Beach  Styles 3

Beach Ankara Styles 4

Beach Ankara Styles 4

Beach Ankara Styles 5

Beach Ankara Styles 5

Beach Ankara Styles 6

Beach Ankara Styles 6

There’s not enough to describe how fascinating the Ankara print really is, its amazing how the prints can bring light to a look, all you need is just the write Ankara fabric, with the right style everything would simply fall into place.

So ladies feel free to get your beach behavior on with Ankara this weekend.

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