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Cassey Bassey is a Queen when it comes down to it, her style is second to non as she struts the streets of Lagos in pieces that fashion forward women desire. Like I said, she is the Queen and she owns it, nothing stops the mama from dishing out the most glamorous look yet, she’s flashy, flamboyant and not afraid of colours. For a Mega light skinned beauty you would think she would be more reserved with her colour choice but baby girl has got beauty in different forms and she loves to express it with colours.

Since we love a bold look, we went on to her page and got beautiful styles that are totally worth of this weekend look, we started from the very colourful yet vet cheerful and simple dress and we ended this look-book with something simple as well but we are not promising that there are simple styles in-between. Cassey Bassey‘s style is certainly what you need to inspire you this Saturday Morning.

Keep scrolling to go through and see what the style maven has to offer…

Casual Styles | Look-Book


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Colours, texture’s, patterns, french girl style – I means Cassey sure went there and this is just a fragment of what’s actually on her page. Her looks are a hit I means, the risk she takes and the outcome are simply marvelous. I hope these looks set your pace this weekend because you surely have to kill it.

What do you think about her looks? Tell us in the comment section below – and yes we want to know what your favourite style is as well. So come on be interactive down below.

Photo Credit: Instagram | @CasseyBassey

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