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Traditionally, the way a woman wears a gele indicated her marital status: an end leaning to the right for married woman – an end leaning to the left for single woman. Nowadays, the way a woman wears a gele can show that either she follows MadivasMag, or she reads every City-People issue.

The main rule in wearing gele is do not set any rules or limits. Usually, a gele covers entire woman’s hear and ears, leaving only face and lower part of earlobes exposed , you can also tie it leaving eyebrows visible, if the fabric is not to heavy for this- but you can choose not to do either of  this- in other words there are no Rules, tie it according to your preference.

A gele work with traditional attire may be of the same color and made of the same material. It can be made of different fabric and have a different texture. It can be completely contrasting, with or without prints, regardless of what clothes you are wearing, so there are so many options.

Whenever those events come rolling by, the aso-ebi’s and what have you, do you always grumble that “I can’t tie gele so what’s the point of getting one”. And you see it nicely tied on the head of other ladies and wish dearly you could have yours tied like that, well we’ve got this simple and small round gele tutorial to help you in  your quest.

Scroll down to see nties the small round gele…

Hello World

Video Source- YoutTube-Nelo Okeke

Would you style this round gele? Do share your thoughts about this gele with us in the comment section.

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