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The fun, the thrill, the excitement are a few of the emotions that make us smile when we receive a wedding invitation. There’s also this warmness that passes through you because you are going to honour and celebrate happily ever after with good friends of yours. Having to accept a wedding invitation just makes you feel like you are doing something important and it is truly important because you are going to witness the forever and ever vow made by two people who love each other.

While you are excited and you are thinking and grinning from ear to ear another feeling creeps up on you and that feeling is dread. There are only two things that could cause this, one is the fact that you may not be available and the second one is the fact that you’ve got no clue what to wear.

While a wedding might be a place where people go to celebrate the newly joined couples in Nigeria weddings have gone up a notch. Right now weddings are where the fashion guru’s come to cavort and these people don’t take prisoners as their style is off the chain.

People live through weddings nowadays as weddings are being posted on social media, with the videos and the pictures of the asoebi gang etc. Wedding ceremonies are no longer the simple union it has become a festival of sorts and so every wedding guest has to or should I say must look good.

In Nigeria we have the white wedding ceremonies and many couples prefer a more elegant and refined look and so they give their guest the leeway to wear whatever they want only dictating the theme. Wedding guest pick out styles that revolve around their theme but they need help and that’s why we are here.

We believe wedding guest will love these cool styles;


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Be Inspired!

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