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The weather has a lot to do with the way we dress; for example when it’s the raining season we think about wearing rubber sandals (cute one’s), sweaters and cardigans to protect us from the cold as well as the wetness so also your – glam up has to be by the ‘weather’ books. What this means is simply- style yourself according to how the weather is making you feel. Even though you know you need to choice your fashion pieces according to the climate you still need a comprehensive method on how to go about achieving this.

Here’s a guide to “what to wear” as a wedding guest this season…

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Go Black Or Go Back– Black is not always welcomed at some weddings however when they are you always have to make the most of it.


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Fringe Is Bea Especially When It’s Yellow– As a wedding guest you’ll probably spot a lot of fringe detailing on dresses or pants, whichever the case but you can be one up by wearing something that makes you shine as bright as the sun.


Crimson Cell– Red is such a beautiful colour, all the shades are actually divine and thus no matter how simple your dress is, the colour makes it stand out.


Purple Reign – The colour is this years colour of choice and this outfit does it so much justice, mixed with a black embroidered lace and pure black organza, stepping out in a piece like this shows one’s love for the fashion culture.


Shimmer, Shine & Fur – A lady is not complete without her glow; you get from your skin, your hair, your makeup on fleek and an additional sparkle on your clothe finishes it off.


Fringe Passion – It’s the season of fringe and you would definitely find it everywhere however don’t just go wearing any fringe outfit if you don’t know how to carry it.


These wedding guest styles is something to be inspired by, I just love the way each of the pieces defines the wearer; The first look was fierce and the final take is playful and fun. Hopefully you remember to dress for the weather, your personality and your mood because that’s the only way to SLAY!

Be Inspired By Style | Be A Wedding Guest Styles With Finesse!

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