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Great styling tricks always extend beyond the runway and fashion shows. Sometimes all you need is a close look at the other person and viola you’ve got what you need. I know you are wondering why we make fashion sound so easy, well that’s because it is, at least once you get a hang of it.

A situation that requires great styling is a wedding; a wedding ceremony is where you can find some of the biggest trends and so you need to get a head start. Depending on what type of ceremony you would be attending you must be ready with a look that would not fail you. Everyone knows that a wedding is a fashion playground most especially in this part of the world and that’s why we advice that you should be a step ahead in confirming the type of style you would want to rock before said date.

Aside from the style its very important to choose colors wisely, bold colors and solid hue’s would definitely kick up your attractive level up a notch. Also do not limit your accessories either because a wedding ceremony is one of the few places that being “Extra” is allowed.

Check out these standout wedding guest styles that prove that the right combinations can make you a eye-candy;


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Am sure you have found the right wedding guest styles for that wedding party and I hope you took note of the other style pieces as they might come in handy.

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