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Receiving a wedding invitation makes you think about your look, its exciting to be attending a wedding and so we mentally prepare. Many times however we are more concerned about our looks and what we wear than we are about our hair.

A woman’s hair is very important and should be kept neat at all times, its really necessary for one to put one’s hair together because it can either make or break your look. No matter how fine your dress is, if you don’t have the right hairstyle you may end up looking like a lumped up mess.

Now, if you already have a new hairstyle a week to the wedding ceremony then you are good, except you are part of the bridal train there is no need to retouch your hair. However, if you haven’t gotten your hair fixed and you have been waiting to make it when you are close to the wedding day then you need a few suggestions.

There are certain hairstyles that would give you a chic and classy look at an event. The only thing you need to do is head out to the right salon after you’ve figured out the type of hairstyle you want to carry. Remember that you have a life after the wedding so you also have to go for a look that would work for the wedding and your other day to day activity.

Weaves are always the perfect choice for wedding ceremonies and because we know you still need inspiration, we’ve created a hairstyle look book which features amazing hairstyles, check them out below;


Hello World


Glam by Tupret

Ihuoma Linda Ejiofor

Kify Cutie

Ms Leon


Powede Lawrence

Which one would you rock to the next wedding party? Tell us in the comment section below.

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