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Wedding’s are not simple, they can never be that simple, there’s too much thought and planning for it to be anything but work however its not void of fun. Wedding planning is an interesting bit of every wedding, brides can either plan their wedding, plan with their wedding planners or allow the wedding planner work their own magic. How does all this affect you as a wedding guest you ask? Well for one, the bride could have just said I do at the court or church and call it a day (some people do that) but she and her groom have gone through so much to entertain you, because she believes her wedding day should be shared with those she loves.

When you are invited for a wedding as a wedding guest you should think of it as a special invitation and treat it as such, as this is because a lot of thought went into putting the invitation together, the fact that your name even made the cut shows how important you are to the couple and so the best way to show gratitude is by coming in something that doesn’t take eyes away from the bride but still makes you look fabulous.

There are several rules that guide how a wedding guest should dress especially when they are not wearing native (aso ebi). Some weddings (white wedding) come with dress codes on their invitation while some don’t depending on the situation you must remember that the key is to look fantastic as this would make the couples very happy; they have achieved a picturesque wedding.

Take note wedding guest; but first be inspired, these are the wedding guest outfits that should work for you;


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Which one if your favorite wedding guest attire? Tell us in the comment section below.

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