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Whats next after you’ve found the perfect dress? Now that that part of the wedding frenzy is over and done with, the perfect accessory to provide the finished look is whats next. Your wedding dress/gown is definitely the highlight of your look however the right accessories would further add to your personality as well as lift your over-all appearance.

Choosing your wedding dress was serious and it took you a while to make the right choice; while choosing your accessories may not be as cumbersome that doesn’t mean that it is an easy choice to make. Lets give you a few tips to help you choose the right accessories;

Metals look better than some colors and so for a dress that is pure white its always good to get these shades; platinum, pearl, silver- Gold is a fantastic hue but it may not be perfect if your dress is a bright colored white, off-white is the better fit for gold.

Depending on the design on your dress you might not need any neck accessory e.g if your dress has a lot of bead work you could use a silver earring and nothing else on the neck because you need the details of the dress to be more obvious.

While having a tiara, a veil, a sash and all types of wedding accessories is fun sometimes you do not need any of these things especially if you have an embellished strapless dress.

If you are using a veil you need to be mindful of the style you are going with, you should also make sure that the shade is an exact match with your dress.

Hair combs and fascinators are also good accessories because they define your hairstyle, just make sure that you pick the one’s that you are comfortable with.

Now its time to check out some fun accessory inspirations you could go with.


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