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Hair extensions can need just as much if not more maintenance than your own hair, But with the right know-how and the right care, you can maintain your hair extensions and they last longer,how to care for your hair extensions should be a major point of consideration before getting them,  Taking care of hair extensions is an ongoing process, the results of which depends, your efforts and knowledge as well as that of your hair stylist. So, before you decide to  load out some serious cash thinking that’s all it takes to have gorgeous hair, take a look at these helpful tips on maintaining hair extensions:

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1. Wash Regularly: Your weaves would not get dirty as fast as your own natural hair, so you do not have to wash it as regularly but that does not mean you should wash it once in a blue moon. when washing its important that you use a good shampoo, and take it slow do not be aggressive, downward coming with a wide toothed comb.

2. Brush: This is important as bathing, you should brush your weaves on regular basis, Soft bristle brush or pro, Looper brush will, therefore, be perfect for this job, helping you detangle your hair without damaging it, start from the bottom to detangle to the top be also gentle as regular pulling of the hair would lead to serious breakage.

3. Condition It:  – give your weaves regular conditioning treatments. This will help to replace any lost moisture and help repair damage.  By using good products with beneficial oils and conditioners, you can renew the life of your weaves. In doing this be careful not to over condition it as this would lead to its being limp and dull and this would lead to its getting dirty much more quickly.

4. Drying: It is advisable for you to dry your extensions naturally, Pros often stress how detrimental excessive heat is to weaves but if you must use a blow dryer start with the weft, then move to the ends and work your way up. Stick to the lowest heat setting possible when drying or using heated styling tools as the higher the heat the higher the possibility of break outs.

5. Storage: The way you store your weaves is a very important factor as it goes a long way in determining how long your weaves are gonna last, when storing your weaves its best to keep them in a cool and dry place as any form of moist can lead to mold growing on them.

6. Get informed about your weaves: Are your weaves made of synthetic or human hair? Now that’s one thing you must know for sure as maintenance of weaves differs significantly depending on the material. Human hair can be brushed, straightened, curled, even re-dyed should you decide to change your hair color while synthetic strands usually can’t benefit from such. Some types of synthetic weaves can be styled using heated appliances although the general rule still says you can’t dye synthetic hair nor you should brush it too much, but of course you can try it out.

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