Girls – Wearing a Ring on Your Finger is Completely Fashionable But It has To Be Like This!


This particular accessory is not as popular as neck pieces,bracelets,earrings etc. Why? I guess it’s because it’s so small that people do not take cognizance or they feel it’s left for those that have a reason to wear one. I don’t think so.

Everybody has a reason why they combine certain clothes together,or certain colors. Some wear a particular kind of accessory. Fashion isn’t limited to one set of people,it can go round as long as it suits your style and your frame.

Rings…many probably don’t wear because they don’t want to give the wrong signal or they have never looked upon it as an accessory. its small,but the ring as an accessory is a different but cute touch you can add to your combination.

Why? It draws attention to your fingers.we have beautiful hands and nails we don’t get to flaunt as much as we want to,but the ring is the perfect excuse.


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Polishing our nails in beautiful colors shouldn’t be the end of beautifying our hands. The ring which can be put on any finger is perfect. Some years ago,as youngsters, we use rubber bands or the colorful tiny strips for our hair then as rings. We raise our hands or wave occasionally so that it would be noticed.

However,if you do not want to wear a fashionable ring on the middle finger,you can wear it on any other finger. Either on the right or left hand. Picking out the right size to match your style is a key factor,sometimes all you need is a simple band and some occasions call for a big rock. All yours to decide.

So,ladies wearing a ring on your finger is completely fashionable. Why you would wear on the five fingers though,i don’t understand.



Believe me,modesty is fashionable. Its not just for the married folks alone.

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