So I saw something on a social media platform yesterday, it goes like this ‘No need to add too much value to title, you can be the wife and still be the side chic” and this got me thinking, I’m like what does that even mean? to me this is just a way of making him have more than one option in a justified way, who even says that. I see people liking and making silly comments, this just makes me think about how shallow this generations minds are. Is this something to thumbs up too,  that he has a wife who is a side chic and has a main chic who is not a wife. The main chic sef who is outside and claiming main chic is she not the funniest of them all, I mean you sit down dey wait or you keep holding on with the hope of you being the main chic while another persons life is moving on and you claim with joy that you are the main chic. You see your life!! Whether you claim main chic or not the truth madam is if he didn’t wife you then you were never the main chic, he is simply giving you the hope you want and swelling your head.

Sisters please #drags ear# please never allow this line go into your ears not to talk of you believing them, if you actually believe this you are a COW, never I repeat, never ever let him say this to you. Infact when he says it please do give him a slap or better still pour him that hot oil from frying plantain.




Hello World

i have bin dating this guy for 3years  nd now i heard his friends say he s getting married.His friends call me nd congratulates me but i tell them is not me.What is worse is that he did not tell me.I sent him a message  asking him if he s getting married nd he said that he was scared of telling me nd to lose me.mi heart is broken to pieces.so what do i do now?

Dear Sister,

There is only one thing you can do and that is dust yourself up and move on, move on in grand style, move on with strength.

Please do not get weighed down at all, do not get gloomy and sad, its his loss. I see where you wrote that he said he was scared so he does not loose you, well make sure you let him know that he has lost you and please do not let him keep running back to you. If possible stop every form of communication with him so you can get some alone time to heal and do better. Trust me someone better is sure going to come around, do not in anyway think you have lost the best, because the best is yet to come and you would be happy.

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