We are thinking of Starting a Dating Site. What is Your Opinion? Yay or Nay?


Hello Divas,

For a while now we have been thinking of starting a dating site on Madivas but we have not been certain if our divas would be interested.  It is very very hard to meet decent girls/guys out there. For guys the social networks are filled with sex workers pretending to want to have a relationship all in the hopes of requesting for funds once you meet with them while for ladies it is very very tough to find guys that are trustworthy and not looking to hire a sex worker.

We might be wrong but we think there is no platform that makes it easy for guys and girls interact easily and maturely. Please fill the questions below to help understand if you would be interested in seeing a dating segement on Madivas.


Do you want us to start a dating segment on Madivas ?
135 Vote
22 Vote
Maybe Lets See How it Goes
27 Vote


What country are you in?
97 Vote
50 Vote
14 Vote
38 Vote


Assuming  you want us to laucnh a dating segment. Do you want us to publish suitable male candidates that ladies can meet VS publish suitable female candidates that guys can meet?
Publish suitable Female candidates guys can meet
16 Vote
Publish suitable Male candidates females can meet
21 Vote
Publish both
107 Vote


Do you want to chat with this profiles online or You want us to setup a physical meeting point for interaction(maybe dinner or launch dates) (It would be easier to screen out sex workers if we setup a physical meeting point)
Strictly chat online with suitable profiles
27 Vote
Strictly setup a physical meeting point for interaction to filter out sex workers
16 Vote
Not so sure
11 Vote
Do both.
94 Vote


Would you be willing to pay for this as a service?
19 Vote
75 Vote
Maybe Lets See How it Goes.
40 Vote


Would you be willing to pay for this as a service? if we set up a physical location for interaction.(Consider that we would be going to places like Eko Hotel, Takwa Bay etc with fun events)
68 Vote
5,000NGN - 7,500NGN
10 Vote
0 Vote
10,000NGN - 20,000NGN
2 Vote
2 Vote
Aboove N50,000
4 Vote


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